noun \spriŋ-ˈwēn\

Friends, lovers of Halloween, costume enthusiasts, springtime glee-machines, warmer-months-obsessed freaks... your holiday is here!

Join us in celebrating Springween this year and every year for the rest of your life! Springween is the (slightly) lesser-known sister of Halloween. Though both holidays are commemorated with costume parties, Springween boasts a more light-hearted and less spooky vibe perfect for ushering in the warmer months.

This year, ‘weeners from across the country are uniting to spread the Springween joy as far as we possibly can! Start scrolling down to learn about classic Springween traditions, ideas to help shape your S-ween party, and inspirational social posts from fellow ‘weeners. 

Happy Springween! 

tiny chick wearing a jaunty hat

The spirit of Springween lives on in all of us.

Where will you be this 'ween?

Tell us where you'll be celebrating Springween and we'll put you on the map!

cute cate dressed as bear
dashing dog disguised as sherlock holmes

The Perfect Playlist

Sweet Costume Ideas

shrub // grasshopper // happy cat // dwarf // fairy // liberty bell // friendly gremlin // sky diver // nickel // easter egg

Signature Springween Cocktail

The first Springween party was a mess of mojitos, PBR, and shots of pink lemonade vodka. Since then, the Springween palate has refined itself, and the Signature Springween Sip has come into being. A delicate blend of fruity and funky, this drink says, “I am a ‘weener and proud.” Feel free to make edits to suit your party’s needs and desires.

1 ½ shots passionfruit vodka
2/3 cup pineapple juice
½ teaspoon grated fresh ginger
Lime wedge
Splash of soda water

Put everything in glass. Drink with satisfaction, a proud, classy, and soon to be tipsy ‘weener.

hedgehog peeking out of jack-o-lantern
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hedgehog peeking out of jack-o-lantern

Fill out that cute form if you'd like to get in touch with us with questions, daydreams, or congratulations. If you'd prefer not to say hi, why don't you read these Springween testimonials instead?

“Springween is really awesome.”

“Two days in each year are important to me: Halloween and Springween.”

“Seeing a child celebrating Springween is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.”

“I will never be weaned off of Springween.”

"Where there's a ween, there's a way."

"Do you ever worry that people will confuse Springween with Springsteen?" 

Hey hotties.